What is Shuff.io?

Shuff.io is a record and stat tracking system developed for the Royal Palms Chicago Shuffleboard League.

What is RecRec

RecRec is a company and product being developed to give recreational sports managers a modern platform to manage their leagues and tournaments. Shuff.io will eventually pull data from RecRec.

...but why?

Hi, I'm Kevin, and I love stats. The Royal Palms Chicago Shuffleboard League has six divisions of 20 teams, but they don't play each other until playoffs. I was looking to put together a ranking system for all teams, and as a way to compare teams with similar records (as teams also have different schedules).

What is ELO?

ELO is a rating system used in chess and many other games. The gist is you gain points for winning matches, and lose points for losing matches. If you defeat a team with a higher rating than you, you'll gain more points. If that team has a much higher rating, you'll gain even more points. This is great for two reasons: 1) it accounts for teams with varying difficulty in schedules and 2) it will allow new teams to get ranked within teams that have played for many seasons. You can read more about ELO on Wikipedia.

My team has a lower rating than I think it should.

Mine too! Take a look at your team's page to see every match and how it changed your rating. ELO is eventually consistent; if you lost your last match, your rating may be lower for a bit while you get some more wins in.

Our rating changed without any new matches.

There was likely a correction of a previous match, which could change any match after it.

Our ELO jumped a bunch before Fall 2019 Season. What happened?

We found a bug in the ELO library we use regarding rounding. We applied the fix retroactively, and everyone's scores should have jumped a bit.

How do you get all of the data?

Starting in the Summer 2018 league, I've been taking pictures of the weekly match reports at the end of each week.

I've found some data that is incorrect.

Let Kevin know, and he'll get it updated!

Do I need to make an account?

Right now, accounts are only used for Admins to report match results and the Shufflinsanity Bracket Challenge.

How can I help?

This website is open-source, and I could always use help adding new features! Take a look at GitHub Issues for ideas on where to get started.

Will this site work for my shuffleboard club?

Today, probably not. There are a few assumptions in the code that tie it closely to how Royal Palms runs their leagues. Get in touch, and we can work something out!