Week 1 - Tuesday Cherry Division - Fall 2019
Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 7:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 01 The Limp Biscuits The Limp Biscuits Highway to the Tanger Zone Highway to the Tanger Zone
Court 02 Two Timers Two Timers Biscuit Boiz Biscuit Boiz
Court 05 Herniated Discs Herniated Discs Shuff Shuff Pass Shuff Shuff Pass
Court 06 The Hottest Team The Hottest Team Summer Shufflerz Summer Shufflerz
Court 07 ADIDAS ADIDAS Basic Biscuits Basic Biscuits
Court 08 The TangaROOS The TangaROOS Tang A Rang Tang A Rang
Court 09 Pun-free Shuffling Pun-free Shuffling Tang Bang Tang Bang
Court 10 The Waffle Stomps The Waffle Stomps Swift Biscuits Swift Biscuits
Court 03 What the Shuffle? What the Shuffle? Bisquicks Bisquicks
Court 04 The Biscuitcases The Biscuitcases Nunya Biscuits Nunya Biscuits