Week 1 - Monday Cherry Division - Spring 2019
Monday, April 1st 2019, 7:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 01 It May Be The Dryness It May Be The Dryness Shuffleholics Shuffleholics
Court 07 Fancy Pants Fancy Pants Mind Ur Own Biscuits Mind Ur Own Biscuits
Court 02 Gosh Tang It! Gosh Tang It! Golden GILFs Golden GILFs
Court 03 Shufflepuff Shufflepuff Sponge Worthy Sponge Worthy
Court 04 The Mighty Pucks The Mighty Pucks Zero Pucks Given Zero Pucks Given
Court 05 Shuffle Birds Shuffle Birds Shuffalo Wild Wings Shuffalo Wild Wings
Court 06 Grandma Ain't No Floozy Grandma Ain't No Floozy Sales Team Six Sales Team Six
Court 08 Leavitt to the Professionals Leavitt to the Professionals Thought this was Quidditch Thought this was Quidditch
Court 09 Shuffle Butter Shuffle Butter This American Shuffle This American Shuffle
Court 10 Grand Pappy and the Shifty Grand Pappy and the Shifty Shuffleboard Jones Shuffleboard Jones