Week 1 - Tuesday Cherry Division - Winter 2019
Tuesday, January 15th 2019, 7:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 04 The Hottest Team The Hottest Team The Limp Biscuits The Limp Biscuits
Court 06 Tang Bang Tang Bang Gryffindor & Shufflepuff Gryffindor & Shufflepuff
Court 01 Summer of Jim Summer of Jim Wimp Biscuit Wimp Biscuit
Court 02 Nunya Biscuits Nunya Biscuits Sponsored by Lemmings Sponsored by Lemmings
Court 03 Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Biscuit Boiz Biscuit Boiz
Court 05 I thought this was curling I thought this was curling Shuffalumps & Woozles Shuffalumps & Woozles
Court 07 The Tangge-Uppes The Tangge-Uppes Pun-free Shuffling Pun-free Shuffling
Court 08 The TangaROOS The TangaROOS Truffle Shuffle Truffle Shuffle
Court 09 Herniated Discs Herniated Discs ADIDAS ADIDAS
Court 10 Risk It For The Biscuit Risk It For The Biscuit Bonavista Condo Assoc. Bonavista Condo Assoc.