Week 1 - Monday Pilot Division - Summer 2018
Monday, June 25th 2018, 6:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 01 Pack of Strays Pack of Strays Astronaut Juice Astronaut Juice
Court 03 Risky Biscuits (summer) Risky Biscuits (summer) Great Day to be a Flyer Great Day to be a Flyer
Court 04 Shuffle Buddies Shuffle Buddies Butter Yo Biscuit Butter Yo Biscuit
Court 05 Aloysius Shuffleupagus Aloysius Shuffleupagus Dad Bods Aboard Dad Bods Aboard
Court 07 The Ruffled Horde The Ruffled Horde Fashion Police Fashion Police
Court 08 Shuffy The Vampire Slayer Shuffy The Vampire Slayer Risk It For The Biscuit Risk It For The Biscuit
Court 09 Any Given Monday Any Given Monday Royal Palms Spam Folder Royal Palms Spam Folder
Court 10 Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Murderburgers 3.0 Murderburgers 3.0
Court 02 The Loch Ness Monsters The Loch Ness Monsters Back That Tang Up Back That Tang Up
Court 06 Tang It! Tang It! Send Us Your Disk Pics Send Us Your Disk Pics