Week 1 - Tuesday Hammer Division - Winter 2020
Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 8:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 01 Resting Biscuit Face Resting Biscuit Face Itstimeforyourkiss Itstimeforyourkiss
Court 02 Flamingo Biscuits Flamingo Biscuits Shufflin' Gait Shufflin' Gait
Court 03 Shuffle Me Biscuits Shuffle Me Biscuits Prince Harry Palms Prince Harry Palms
Court 04 606 and Heartbreak 606 and Heartbreak Tang Rays Tang Rays
Court 05 Tang You For Being A Friend Tang You For Being A Friend Just for Shuffs Just for Shuffs
Court 06 The Wet Bandits The Wet Bandits Club Moist Club Moist
Court 07 Wizards 5.0 Wizards 5.0 Strictly Biscuits Strictly Biscuits
Court 08 Goose Islanders Goose Islanders Hotdog Flavored Water Hotdog Flavored Water
Court 09 Risk it for the biscuit Risk it for the biscuit Jigglyshuff Jigglyshuff
Court 10 Bags of Dirt Bags of Dirt The Shuffle Kerfuffle The Shuffle Kerfuffle