Week 1 - Monday Hammer Division - Winter 2019
Monday, January 14th 2019, 8:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 01 Tang U, Next Tang U, Next Calendar Puck Ups Calendar Puck Ups
Court 02 Snitches get Kitchens Snitches get Kitchens Wizards 5.0 Wizards 5.0
Court 07 Oh Yeahs Oh Yeahs Shufflecox Shufflecox
Court 09 Super Bowl Shufflers Super Bowl Shufflers Studio Tang Studio Tang
Court 03 Nothing But Pepp Nothing But Pepp Biscuit by that Much Biscuit by that Much
Court 04 Tu-Tang Clan Tu-Tang Clan Slippery Biscuits Slippery Biscuits
Court 05 The Chicago Butts The Chicago Butts Shuffle Buddies Shuffle Buddies
Court 06 Mr. Dr. Nut Mr. Dr. Nut Get Rich or Die Shufflin Get Rich or Die Shufflin
Court 08 Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails & Dreams Boca Breeze Boca Breeze
Court 10 Tac Oreos Tac Oreos Shuff It, Shuff It Real Good! Shuff It, Shuff It Real Good!